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Scotia Produce - Quality Without Compromise

Professionals & People

The hands on approach by the companies directors and management staff is an effective part of the running of the company, as is the enthusiasm and professionalism of the workforce. We want our employees to have pride in their work and to work as part of a team, achieving goals and raising standards. All staff handling food whether in production or dispatch, after 6 months employment qualify for basic food hygiene training, ensuring staff know the importance of food safety.

We are always looking to the future, with the main aim of continual investment to raise standards. As mentioned previously, we invest in our staff, to ensure training needs are met. Continued relationships with growers and suppliers ensures our requirements are met and quality isn't compromised. For the future as our company continues to grow, we hope to expand our customer base, improve our packaging, develop new product ranges and achieve higher accreditations therefore staying ahead of the competition by being the best for quality, price, and customer satisfaction without  compromising food safety. As in the past Adams Foods, Scotia Produce has had an enjoyable history, and as the future presents new challenges we are confident of surpassing these and ensuring customer requirements are met.


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